1996 Olympic Fencing Team Opening Ceremony




1996 Olympic Team at the White House




2009 Women's Pan Am Epee Team


Team USA, winners of the Pan Am Zonal women's Team Epee competition.  Courtney Hurley, Danielle Henderson, Kelley Hurley and Lindsay Campbell.



Bradford, Vincent

vincentbradford.jpgUSFA national foil champion (1984); national epee champion (1982, '83, '84, '86). NIWFA foil champion (1975,'77) for San Jose State. Assistant Director USFA Coaches College (1992- ). Coach, Texas Fencing Academy.



Burke, Jessica

JessicaBurke02.jpgNot many athletes can boast that they are Olympic candidates in a sport that they once hated. And not many athletes can return to championship form after suffering a career-threatening illness.

Senior Jessica Burke of the Penn State fencing team is one of a rare breed, however.



Littmann, Jane

Jane Littmann Epee FencerJane Littmann - the first A rated women's epee fencer in the world.



Marx, Leslie

LESLIEMARXth.jpg 2-time US Epee champion Leslie Marx

When Leslie Marx is asked how she is able to juggle her position as an assistant professor at the Simon School of business at the University of Rochester with her standing as the top U.S. epee fencer, she responds with a laugh, “A forgiving employer.”




McClellan, Cathy

CathyMcClellan.jpg5-time US National Foil Team Champion and 2-time US National Epee Champion with Tanner City FC under Joe Pechinsky, Cathy is one of only a handful of women in US fencing history to be nationally ranked in the top 10 in both foil and epee in the same year, an achievement she accomplished 3 times.



Stevens, Arlene

Arlene Stevens remembers the day six years ago when her mother dragged her off the couch in their Rochester living room, bundled her into the car and drove her to the local fencing center as she protested loudly the entire way.



Stone, Donna


Donna Stone, Olympian and champion epeeist from New Jersey.  Donna Stone was 5th in the world in 1989.



Watson, Ruby

RUBY WATSON Ruby Watson of the Metropolitan Division was the most formidable voice year after year for the development and inclusion of Women's Epee and Women's Saber in US Division 1 and Olympic events.



Women's Epee Olympians

Best Non-Medaling Olympic Performances

8th Place WET 1996
Elaine Cheris, Nhi Lan Le, Leslie Marx

Women's Epee World Champions

Gold Medalists
2006, Courtney Hurley, CWE

Bronze Medalists
1998, Jessica Burke, Kate Rudkin, Arlene Stevens, JWET
1999, Jessica Burke, JWE
1999, Andrea Ament, CWE
2002, Sada Jacobson, JWE
2002, Kerry Walton, JWE
2003, Kamara James, JWE
2004, Keri Byerts, CWE

Women's Epee Record Holders

4 Titles
Vincent Hayden Bradford 1982, 1983, 1984, 1986

3 Titles
Donna Lee Stone 1987, 1990, 1994

2 Titles
Tamir Bloom 1998, l999
Leslie Marx 1993, 1996
Cathy McClellan 1985, 1989
Arlene Stevens 1998, 1999

1 Title
Susan Jane Badders 1981
Xandy Brown 1988
Margo Lee Miller 1991
Barbara Turpin 1992
Terry Lewis 1995
Jessica Burke 1997

US National Women's Epee Champions


Susan Jane Badders 1981
Vincent Hayden Bradford 1982
Vincent Hayden Bradford 1983
Vincent Hayden Bradford 1984
Cathy McClellan 1985
Vincent Hayden Bradford 1986
Donna Lee Stone 1987
Xandy Brown 1988
Cathy McClellan 1989
Donna Lee Stone 1990
Margo Lee Miller 1991
Barbara Turpin 1992
Leslie Marx 1993
Donna Lee Stone 1994
Terry Lewis 1995
Leslie Marx 1996
Jessica Burke 1997
Arlene Stevens 1998
Arlene Stevens 1999
Stephanie Eim 2000
Julia Leszko 2001
Kerry Walton 2002
Stephanie Eim 2003
Kelley Hurley 2004
Maya Lawrence 2005

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