18th Michel Mamlouk 1982 - 1984

Michele Mamlouk 18th USFA President 1982 - 1984


Michel Mamlouk was twice President of the USFA, 1982-1984, and 1992-1994. During his first term he was instrumental in the USFA accepting the offer of the USOC of free space at the newly established USOC complex in Colorado Springs for its first permanent National office and then saw to the hiring of its first office administrator, Anne Whiting, and its first Executive Director - Carla- Mae Richards. During his second term, Michel initiated international performance based award programs to encourage and assist athletes who were on the brink of international success. Michel firmly believed that American fencing could compete at the same level at the then European-dominated international competitions and did all he could to help the USA become dominant. This included increasing the funds allocated to cadet and junior fencers for travel and sending paid coaches with athletes to competitions. The fruit of his efforts came only a few years later. In early 1970’s Michel hired a Russian coach, Emik Kaidanov for his club. Kaidanov went on to become one of the most successful collegiate fencing coaches in the USA (11 NCAA Team Championships so far) at Penn State University. Michel also initiated programs whereby US referees could be tested for FIE Referee Licenses and he supported more international tournaments, especially men’s sabre, on US soil for US fencers to gain experience with top European fencers.
Michel helped to reorganize the Pan American Fencing Federation so that the Western Hemisphere could have a stronger voice in the FIE. During Michel’s term as President of the Pan American Fencing Federation the Under 20 Pan Am Championships were initiated. Leading up to the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles Michel travelled extensively between Europe and the US , but always at his own expense (he was a travel agent), to ensure that all FIE requirements were known and followed. This , together with Westbrook’s bronze medal in sabre, enhanced the image of the USFA. Before Michel all “FIE World Cups” were held in Europe. Michel was a spokesperson in seeking the FIE to expand the World Cup events to the Americas and other parts of the world. This effort was successful and greatly benefited US fencers.

Below: Michel Mamlouk's famiy in Alexandria, Egypt
(l to r) mother, grandfather, grandmother, father.
Michel's dad, Joseph was a fencer trained by an Italian, Favia.


Michele Mamlouk in Egypt


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