Lilien, Elliot

ELLIOT LILIENElliot Lilien founded the fencing team at Concord-Carlisle High(1965) and coached there for twenty years.  "We have National Champions at one level or another in Doug Powell, David Donadio, Peter Sils, Jim O'Neill, Katie Bilodeaux, Peter Cox and M.J. O'Neill.  Peter Brand, the present coach at Harvard, was No. 1 sabreman on our 1969-70 team which broke the long winning streak of Essex Catholic High of New Jersey. Lillien led his team to win streaks of 21 meets, 61 meets, (stopped by Penn) and then started another of 29 meets.  At one time 90 fencers came out for the sport at Concord-Carlisle."  They  beat the dominant Essex Catholic
team three times.   From 1986-1993 he was head coach at Brown University.
At Brown they had 70 fencers out for the sport.  They won seven New England Championships (4 men, 3 women).  At one time or another they beat Ohio State, Rutgers, Air Force, North Carolina, Princeton(W) and Stanford.  His top moment was when both of his teams beat Harvard at Cambridge, because of the great disparity in resources and the difference in atmosphere of the two teams. He coached as an assistant at Harvard from 2001-2004.  With Peter as the coach the whole program changed    In 1993 he founded(with the assistance of others) the Northeast Fencing Conference.  He did this because the NCAA rules(limit on meets, not-counting bouts against non-NCAA teams) appeared to threaten college fencing in New England.  At that time the league had 12 teams.  Now it has 23. He's the Commissioner.  He's been an opponent of the NCAA all along.


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