Wise Words

Max's Maxims, by Maxine Mitchell

Basic tactical advice from Maxine Mitchell 

If you are winning, don't change your tactics.

If you are losing, ask yourself "WHY am I getting hit?"

Each motion should have a purpose. Your feint must get a reaction from your opponent.

If you want your opponent to attack, you don't have to back up.

Fence different opponents in different ways. Don't use the same tactics for everyone.

To get something from fencing, you have to give something to it in terms of hard work.

You meet many nice people and make many friends, BUT just remember that fencing isn't everything!


National or International by Michel Alaux

 American Fencing Magazine, Volume 23, Number 1
September / October1971

National or International

by Michel Alaux



Spotlight is on Alex Orban by Jack Keane

jack keane Exerpt from the article by Jack Keane:
"Orban is a star. An international star. He can do everything that ever was intended to be done with a saber. And he probably can do it faster than anybody. He is generally acknowledged to be one of the three fastest, if not the fastest, man in the world. "



FENCING; A Farewell to Amateurism

Published: July 15, 1989

With two days left in a two-week event dominated by the usual countries, a pair of aging fencers have struck a resounding blow for the new United States policy in the world championships at Boettcher Concert Hall.



Methodology of Success, by Steve Mormando

STEVE MORMANDO The first priority is to establish your goal. Know what you want to do, and create a goal that is larger than your dream.



Fencing: The Sport For All Ages

FENCING: The Sport For All Ages
by Jack Keane

Fencing makes a new man of AI Vogt at 71.

Reverse the numerals of Steve Renshaw's age, 17, and you have Al Vogt's.
Interestingly, that is not an unusual spread of years for competitors in the sport of fencing. Perhaps, then, it comes closest to qualifying as a truly ageless sport.Something a man who wants the value of a workout or the thrill of competition can enjoy equally.

Al has been a member of the New York A.C. since 1944, joining from the former illustrious French YMCA which moved downtown to Chelsea from its location near the Ziegfeld Theatre. Steve is a high school youngster out of Wayne, New Jersey, who carne to the club last year as a Junior Member to take advantage of the .Club's great fencing program. The same lure drew AI Vogt over three decades ago and has held him here since.



It's All in the Fingers

Robert Levis talking about his dad, Joe Levis (1932 Olympic silver medalist) interviewed by Andy Shaw

Without a doubt, the single most important element  of my father's fencing technique was his emphasis on the minimizing the distance that the blade, more specifically, the point, had to travel.



The Best System of Fencing

By Irving De Koff 

What is the best system of fencing? Obviously, the French school is the best. No! The Italian system is by far the most superior school of fencing in the world. Whoa, sez my friend, “without a doubt the Hungarians have shown… ad infinatum. This is, or at least has been the story of which system is the best.



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