Goering, William

william goering, foil fencer


 Bill Goering was a true gentleman both on and off the fencing piste.  As his many saber opponents can testify, he gave most generously of his cuts while receiving very few in return.  He was a very polite, kindly man who seldom displayed anger, much preferring to win over his friends, his opponents, and the occasional errant fencing official with a knowing smile and a logical argument.  Bill was also a perfectionist who believed in precise technique and strict adherence to the rules.  He was a natural leader with strong opinions who was willing to offer advice to a beginning student as well as to AFLA and USAF presidents.

Bill was one of fencing’s renaissance men who gave generously of himself to the sport that he loved, making important contributions as a volunteer far beyond the field of active competition.  His impact was felt at all levels of fencing from serving as USFA vice president and interim executive director to his membership on many national committees, including chairing the Fencing Officials Commission, in addition to being an international competitor, he was also an international referee and a referee instructor.

Bill was born July 16, 1932 in LaPorte, Indiana, to William Augustus Goering and Elise Louise Hauck.  He attended Yale University, graduating in 1954 with a Master of Engineering degree. As a freshman student at Yale, Bill learned to fence and was made Captain of the Yale Bulldog Sabre Team in 1954.  It was the beginning of a lifelong passion for a challenging sport.  

He was recruited by Ford Motor Company in 1956 and Bill enjoyed a career spanning 35 years retiring as the Manager of the Michigan Proving Grounds. In Michigan, he fenced at the Salle de Tuscan in Detroit where he met his future wife, Monica Reimann.  In 1963 Bill took 1st place in the Michigan State Championships and Monica took 2nd place in Women’s Foil.  He was Michigan State Champion 6 times. He married Monica on August 11, 1962 in Farmington, Michigan and had one daughter, Leslie Goering.

Bill was a member of Alpha Chi Sigma, a professional chemistry fraternity and in 1990 was recognized for his outstanding accomplishments in his field by ASM International, the society for materials scientists and engineers.

His enthusiasm for the sport of fencing led him to compete or officiate in tournaments across the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and South America for more than 50 years.
Bill was a relative latecomer to veteran fencing, undoubtedly because with his skill level he was still able to compete successfully in the open ranks long after most other veteran-age fencers need to find a more leveled playing field.  When he was already in his mid-sixties, Bill accomplished the unheard of in modern times achievement of winning an NAC saber crown at such an advanced fencing age.  The advent of a Veteran World Championship in 1998 drew him into active veteran competition and he qualified for the U.S. Veteran World Team every year that he competed. 

Excerpts taken from American Fencing (Summer 2005) titled
"William Goering (1932-2005): A Final Salute to a Gentleman Fencer"  By Bob Block



Pan Am Dress Uniform





Men's Foil Olympians

Men's Individual Foil


1904 Albertson Van Zo Post, Silver
1904 Charles Tatham, Bronze
1932 Joseph Levis, Silver
1960 Albert Axelrod, Bronze

Men's Team Foil

1904 Albertson Van Zo Post, Gold w/ Cuban Team
1904 Charles Tatham, Silver
1904 Fitzhugh Townsend, Silver
1904 Arthur Fox, Silver
1920 Henry Breckinridge, Bronze
1920 Francis Honeycutt, Bronze
1920 Arthur Lyon, Bronze
1920 Harold Rayner, Bronze
1920 Robert Sears, Bronze
1932 George Calnan, Bronze
1932 Joseph Levis, Bronze
1932 Hugh Alessandroni, Bronze
1932 Dernell Every, Bronze
1932 Richard Steere, Bronze
1932 Frank Righeimer, Bronze
*the total figure of 42 medals includes individual fencers in team events

Best Non-Medaling Olympic Performances
4th Place MFT 1948
Daniel Bukantz, Dean Victor Cetrulo, Dernell Every, Silvio Louis Giolito, Bennet Nathaniel Lubell, Austin Martin Prokop

4th Place MFT 1956
Albert Axelrod, Daniel Bukantz, Harold David Goldsmith, Byron Lester Krieger, Bennet Nathaniel, Lubell, Sewall Shurtz

4th Place MFT 2004
Jed Dupree, Dan Kellner, Jon Tiomkin

5th Place MFT 1928
George Charles Calnan, Rene Peroy, Joseph Louis Levis, Harold Marvin Rayner, Henry Cabell Breckinridge, Dernell Every

5th Place MFT 1936
Joseph Louis Levis, Hugh Vincent Alessandroni, John F. Potter, John Gavin Hurd, Warren Alvin Dow, William Thomas Pecora

5th Place MFT 1960
Albert Axelrod, Daniel Bukantz, Eugene Gerson Glazer, Harold David Goldsmith, Joseph Paletta, Jr.

5th Place MFT 1984
Peter Bramwell, Henry Lewison, Gregory David Massialas, Michael Anthony Marx, Mark Jeffrey, Troy Smith

Men's Foil World Champions

Bronze Medalists

1997, Cliff Bayer, JMF
2002, Brendan Meyers, CMF
2004, Brendan Meyers, JMF
2007, Enzo Castellani, CMF

US National Men's Foil Champions


1888 William Thornton Lawson
1889 Bernard Francis O'Connor
1890 Samuel T. Shaw
1891 Graeme Monroe Hammond
1892 William Scott O'Connor
1893 William T. Heintz
1894 Charles George Bothner
1895 Albertson Van Zo Post
1896 Georges Kavanagh
1897 Charles George Bothner* *
(He won the epee and sabre titles as well)
1899 Georges Kavanagh
1900 Fitzhugh Townsend
1901 Charles Tatham
1902 James P. Parker
1903 Fitzhugh Townsend
1904 Charles George Bothner
1905 Charles George Bothner
1906 Scott Dudley Breckinridge
1907 Camille Waldbott
1908 William Law Bowman
1909 Oliver A. Dickinson
1910 George K. Bainbridge
1911 George Horace Breed
1912 Sherman Hall
1913 Paul Julien Meylan
1914 Scott Dudley Breckinridge
1915 Oliver A. Dickinson
1916 Alfred Ernest Sauer
1917 Sherman Hall
1919 Sherman Hall
1920 Sherman Hall
1921 Major Francis Webster Honeycutt
1922 Major Harold Marvin Rayner
1923 Rene Peroy
1924 Leo George Nunes
1925 Lieutenant George Charles Calnan
1926 Lieutenant George Charles Calnan
1927 Lieutenant George Charles Calnan
1928 Lieutenant George Charles Calnan
1929 Joseph Louis Levis
1929 - outdoor Joseph Levis
1930 Lieutenant George Charles Calnan
1931 Lieutenant George Charles Calnan
1932 Joseph Louis Levis
(Lt.George Calnan killed in air crash
prior to '33 Nationals)
1933 Joseph Louis Levis
1933 - outdoor Joseph Levis
1934 Hugh Vincent Alessandroni
1935 Joseph Louis Levis
1936 Hugh Vincent Alessandroni
1937 Joseph Louis Levis
1938 Dernell Every
1939 Norman Lewis
1940 Dernell Every
1941 Dean Victor Cetrulo
1942 Warren Alvin Dow
1943 Warren Alvin Dow
1944 Alfred Rex Snyder
1945 Dernell Every
1946 Jose Raoul deCapriles
1947 Dean Victor Cetrulo
1948 Bennet Nathaniel Lubell
1949 Dr. Daniel Bukantz
1950 Silvio Louis Giolito
1951 Silvio Louis Giolito
1952 Dr. Daniel Bukantz
1953 Dr. Daniel Bukantz
1954 Joseph Louis Levis
(won title after 17 years in retirement)
1955 Albert Axelrod
1956 Sewall Shurtz
1957 Dr. Daniel Bukantz
1958 Albert Axelrod
1959 Ensign Joseph Paletta, Jr.
1960 Albert Axelrod
1961 Lawrence Joseph Anastasi
1962 Edwin Allen Richards
1963 Edwin Allen Richards
1964 Herbert Morris Cohen
1965 Robert Boyer Russell
1966 Max Geuter
1967 Heizaburo Okawa
1968 Heizaburo Okawa
1969 Carl Lewis Borack
1970 Albert Axelrod
1971 Uriah Jones
1972 Joseph Bertham Freeman
1973 Edward Pennington Ballinger
1974 Heik Hambarzumian
1975 Edward Pennington Ballinger
1976 Lieutenant Edward Joseph Donofrio
1977 Michael Anthony Marx
1978 Martin Lang
1979 Michael Anthony Marx
1980 Gregory David Massialas
1981 Mark Jeffrey Troy Smith
1982 Michael Anthony Marx
1983 Mark Jeffrey Troy Smith
1984 Michael J. W. McCahey
1985 Michael Anthony Marx
1986 Michael Anthony Marx
1987 Michael Anthony Marx
1988 Gregory David Massialas
1989 Peter Bramwell Henry Lewison
1990 Michael Anthony Marx
1991 Eric Oliver Bravin
1992 Eric Oliver Bravin
1993 Michael Anthony Marx
1994 Eric Oliver Bravin
1995 Cliff Bayer
1996 Eric Oliver Bravin
1997 Cliff Bayer
1998 Cliff Bayer
1999 Jon Tiomkin
2000 Cliff Bayer
2001 Sean McClain
2002 Jed Dupree
2003 Jon Tiomkin
2004 Dan Kellner
2005 Jed Dupree
2006 Andras Horanyi
2007 Gerek Meinhardt

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