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Emily Cross - 3 World Champion titles, foil fencer at Harvard University.


FENCING: New Yorker Earns 4th U.S. Gold at Jr. Worlds
Press release by Cindy Bent Findlay - U.S. Fencing Association 

12 April 2006


Cross Wins 3rd World Championship Title
Emily Cross foil fencer
Emily Cross (19, New York, N.Y.) has won her 3rd World Championship title. She won the gold in the Under-20 Women’s Foil event at the 2006 Junior & Cadet World Championships in South Korea on Wednesday.

Cross cut through the tableau with convincing victories until the quarterfinals, where she staged an exciting comeback to win 15-14 against second-seeded Aida Chanaeva of Russia.

Cross won her semifinal 15-8 against Berangere Genevois of France and destroyed top seed and 2006 Junior World Cup champion Arriana Errigo of Italy in the final, 15-5.

Cross also won the Junior title last year, and won the Cadet (Under-17) women’s foil title in 2003.

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Already an NCAA individual champion, a member of an NCAA championship team and a two-time All-America selection, Harvard sophomore Emily Cross added the distinction of two-time world junior champion to her incredible resume Monday as she won her second straight gold medal at the 2006 Junior World Championships.

Just as she did in the 2005 tournament, Cross defeated Italy's Arianna Errigo in the gold medal bout in women's foil, although her 15-5 victory Monday was more comfortable than last year's 15-14 nailbiter.

Cross defeated a field of 72 of the world's top junior fencers. She was ranked 10th through the initial qualification round, but knocked off fencers from Russia and France to set up the rematch with Errigo in the gold medal bout.

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Published On 6/6/2006  The Harvard Crimson
By MADELEINE I. SHAPIRO, Crimson Staff Writer

No one knew what she would do for an encore.

Last year’s Harvard Crimson Female Rookie of the Year, sophomore foilist Emily Cross already boasted a Junior World Championship title and All-America status. With such an accomplished resume, even she did not know what more she could do to prove herself on the junior circuit.

And then she helped the Harvard fencing squad to its best season ever. After that: a repeat of her Junior Worlds glory.

It was an improbable ending to a season that started off slowly; despite strong performances in Ivy play, Cross struggled in international competition.

“There was a lot of rust there,” Crimson coach Peter Brand says. “But I think she revitalized and she gained some energy throughout the year. As we were moving forward through the season, it looked like she was getting stronger and stronger again.”

That’s the way Cross works.

Even though she achieved everything she could have hoped in the junior circuit, this year presented the challenge of rising academic commitments.

Despite receiving an invitation to the Senior World Championships last fall, Cross passed up the opportunity due to class conflicts. It was the first such instance in her fencing career.

She worked hard not to allow her schoolwork to affect her play. But by the winter it was clear she was not herself; both school and the pressure to perform, she admits, affected her.

“I think it was my first up-and-down season in a while,” Cross says. “It was kind of a lot of things hitting me at the same time, so I think that was a big difference.”

Despite frequent hindrances, Cross pushed through organic chemistry and extra-curricular activities to prove herself yet again.

After she led the team to its second Ivy championship in as many years, she finished third at Nationals as the team won its first-ever NCAA title, beating out numerous past winners in the process.

What made Cross such an outstanding athlete in 2006 was her dual contribution to the sport as an individual and as a team player.

“It’s very easy, because fencing is an individual sport, to separate yourself,” Brand says. “But that’s one of the reasons I really recruited her: not because she was just a great fencer, but I knew she would add to our team overall. And she has proven that.”

At the Junior World Championships in Taebacek City, South Korea, nonetheless, Cross faced unforeseen challenges.

Cross entered the qualification round ranked No. 10, an unlikely draw that matched her up against two Russians who currently ranked among the best junior fencers in the world. Cross barely escaped the second of the two bouts with a 15-14 win.

Surprised to make it to the gold-medal bout, one familiar opponent stood between Cross and a repeat title.

In the 2005 finals, Cross narrowly defeated Arianna Errigo of Italy in a nail-biting 15-14 win. This time, she dismantled the Italian, 15-5, to everyone’s shock.

“I was really floored,” Brand says. “I watched the video of the final, and I could not believe what I was seeing. The fact that she dominated her opponent in the gold-medal match was just unbelievable.”

Adds Brand, “Emily Cross certainly has proven that persistence and hard work and determination pays off. She’s one of those people, a rare breed of people, who can maintain focus throughout the year at a place like Harvard where there are a lot of distractions.”

Next season, Cross will move into senior competition with the ultimate goal of joining the U.S. Olympic team in 2008. To begin to prepare herself, she will start off slowly, testing her abilities this summer in various world cups.

Whatever awaits her in her senior career, Cross will be remembered on the junior circuit as a dominant foilist.

—Staff writer Madeleine I. Shapiro can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Women's Foil World Champions

Gold Medalists
1995, Iris Zimmermann, CWF
1997, Iris Zimmermann, CWF
2000, Iris Zimmermann, JWF
2003, Emily Cross, CWF
2005, Emily Cross, JWF
2006, Emily Cross, JWF

Silver Medalists
1997, Iris Zimmermann, JWF

Bronze Medalists
1972, Ruth White, JWF
1992, Felicia Zimmermann, CWF
1994, Monique de Bruin, JWF
1996, Iris Zimmermann, JWF
1999, Andrea Ament, CWE
1999, Iris Zimmermann, WF
2000, Iris Zimmermann, Erinn Smart, Andrea Ament, Emily Cross, JWFT
2001, Andrea Ament, JWF
2001, Ann Marsh, Felicia Zimmermann, Iris Zimmermann, Erinn Smart, WFT
2003, Emily Cross, Jacqueline Leahy, Hannah Thompson, M. Thompson, JWFT

Women's Foil Record Holders

10 Titles
Janice Lee York Romary: 1950, 1951, 1956, 1957, 1960, 1961, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1968
This record tops all men and women in United States foil history.

9 Titles
Helene Mayer: 1933 (out), 1934, 1935, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1941, 1942, 1946

4 Titles
Adeline Gehrig: 1920, 1921, 1922, 1923
Helena Mroczskowska Dow: 1940, 1943, 1947, 1948
Maxine Mitchell: 1952, 1954, 1955, 1958
Harriet King: 1963, 1967, 1970, 1971
Caitlin Bilodeaux: 1986, 1987, 1989, 1992
Felicia Zimmermann: 1993, 1996, 1999, 2000
Erinn Smart : 1998, 2007, 2004, 2007

3 Titles
Florence Schoonmaker: 1925, 1926, 1929
Jana Angelakis: 1979, 1981, 1982
Iris Zimmermann: 1997, 2001, 2003

2 Titles
Marion Lloyd Vince: 1928, 1931
Dorothy Locke: 1932, 1933
Ruth White: 1969, 1972
Gay Jacobsen D’Asaro: 1974, 1978
Nikki Tomlinson Franke: 1975, 1980
Ann Marsh: 1994, 1995

1 Title
Dr. Adelaide Baylis 1912
Mrs. Wm. H. Dewar 1913
Margaret Stimson 1914
Jessie Pyle 1915
Alice Voorhees 1916
Florence S. Walton 1917
|Irma Hopper 1924
Stephanie Stern 1927
Elizabeth Van Buskirk 1930
Joanna De Tuscan 1936
Madeline Dalton 1944
Maria Cerra 1945
Polly Craus 1949
Paula Sweeney 1953
Pilar Roldan 1959
E. Takeuchi 1962
Tatyana Pavlovna Adamovitch 1973
Ann O'Donnell 1976
Sheila Armstrong 1977
Debra Lynn Waples 1983
Vincent Hayden Bradford 1984
Molly Sullivan 1985
Sharon Mary Monplaisir 1988
Jennifer Yu 1990
Mary Jane O'Neill
Hanna Thompson 2005
Emily Cross 2006

*"out" refers to United States Outdoor
National Foil competitions, held twice
in AFLA/USFA history.

Women's Foil Olympians

Best Non-Medaling Olympic Performances

4th Place WF 1948
Maria Cerra (Tishman) (3-way tie for 2nd)

4th Place WF 1952
Janice Lee York (Romary)

4th Place WF 1956
Janice Lee York (Romary)

4th Place WFT 2000
Ann Marsh, Felicia Zimmermann, Iris Zimmermann

5th Place WF 1952
Maxine Mitchell

6th Place WFT 1984
Vincent Bradford, Jana Angelakis, Debra Waples, Sharon Monplaiser, Sue Badders

6th Place WFT 1988

7th Place WF 1996
Ann Marsh
8th Place WF 1932
Marion Lloyd (Vince)

US National Women's Foil Champions


1912 Dr. Adelaide Baylis
1913 Mrs. Wm. H. Dewar
1914 Margaret Stimson
1915 Jessie Pyle
1916 Alice Voorhees
1917 Florence S. Walton
1920 Adeline Gehrig
1921 Adeline Gehrig
1922 Adeline Gehrig
1923 Adeline Gehrig
1924 Irma Hopper
1925 Florence Schoonmaker
1926 Florence Schoonmaker
1927 Stephanie Stern
1928 Marion Lloyd
1929 Florence Schoonmaker
1930 Elizabeth Van Buskirk
1931 Marion Lloyd
1932 Dorothy Locke
1933 Dorothy Locke
1933 (Outdoor) Helene Mayer
1934 Helene Mayer
1935 Helene Mayer
1936 Joanna De Tuscan
1937 Helene Mayer
1938 Helene Mayer
1939 Helene Mayer
1940 Helena Mroczkowska Dow
1941 Helene Mayer
1942 Helene Mayer
1943 Helena Mroczkowska Dow
1944 Madeline Dalton
1945 Maria Cerra
1946 Helene Mayer
1947 Helena Mroczkowska Dow
1948 Helena Mroczkowska Dow
1949 Polly Craus
1950 Janice York (Romary)
1951 Janice York (Romary)
1952 Maxine Mitchell
1953 Paula Sweeney
1954 Maxine Mitchell
1955 Maxine Mitchell
1956 Janice York Romary
1957 Janice York Romary
1958 Maxine Mitchell
1959 Pilar Roldan
(Romary had a baby - did not compete)
1960 Janice York Romary
1961 Janice York Romary
1962 E. Takeuchi
1963 Harriet King
1964 Janice York Romary
1965 Janice York Romary
1966 Janice York Romary
1967 Harriet King
1968 Janice York Romary
1969 Ruth White
1970 Harriet King
1971 Harriet King
1972 Ruth White
1973 Tatyana Pavlovna Adamovitch
1974 Gay Jacobsen
1975 Nikki Tomlinson
1976 Ann O'Donnell
1977 Sheila Armstrong
1978 Gay Jacobsen D'Asaro
1979 Jana Angelakis
1980 Nikki Tomlinson Franke
1981 Jana Angelakis
1982 Jana Angelakis
1983 Debra Lynn Waples
1984 Vincent Hayden Bradford
1985 Molly Sullivan
1986 Caitlin Kelly Bilodeaux
1987 Caitlin Kelly Bilodeaux
1988 Sharon Mary Monplaisir
1989 Caitlin Kelly Bilodeaux
1990 Jennifer Yu
1991 Mary Jane O'Neill
1992 Caitlin Kelly Bilodeaux
1993 Felicia Zimmermann
1994 Ann Marsh
1995 Ann Marsh
1996 Felicia Zimmermann
1997 Iris Zimmermann
1998 Erinn Smart
1999 Felicia Zimmermann
2000 Felicia Zimmermann
2001 Iris Zimmermann
2002 Erinn Smart
2003 Iris Zimmermann
2004 Erinn Smart
2005 Hanna Thompson
2006 Emily Cross
2007 Erinn Smart

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