1996 Olympic Fencing Team Opening Ceremony




2005 World Champions

Congratulations Team USA - 2005 World Champions! OFA members Caity Thompson (far left), Rebecca Ward (2nd from right) and Mariel Zagunis (far right) along with team-mate Sada Jacobson bring home the gold and World Champion Title   ( From OregonFencing.com)



Striking Gold - Boston Globe 08/18/2004

Striking gold - Historic fencing win for Zagunis; bronze to Jacobson
By Tony Chamberlain, Boston Globe Staff

ATHENS -- There's a tradition in fencing that an Olympic champion gets thrown in the air by teammates. Not that the United States knows too much about that tradition, since it's been 100 years since they won a gold in the sport at the Games. But that all changed last night at the Helleniko Sports Center as members of the US men's team stormed the fencing strip and tossed 19-year-old Mariel Zagunis high into the air after she beat former world champion Tan Xue of China to win the first Olympic women's individual sabre competition.



Watson, Ruby

RUBY WATSON Ruby Watson of the Metropolitan Division was the most formidable voice year after year for the development and inclusion of Women's Epee and Women's Saber in US Division 1 and Olympic events.



1996 Olympic Team at the White House




Jacobson, Sada and Emily

Sister act
Feisty Emily and Sada Jacobson are ready for sabre competition
From an article by Michael Farber at Sports Illustrated



Ward, Becca

BeccaWardS.jpg Rebecca Ward, 16, of Cedar Mill, became the new Senior World Champion in Women’s Saber fencing Oct. 2 in Torino, Italy at the 2006 Senior World Championships.



Zagunis, Mariel

Zagunis.jpgMariel Zagunis competed in the 2004 Athens Women's sabre competition, and was the first American to win an Olympic fencing gold medal in 100 years.   She won the gold again at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, and then went on to win the 2009 World Fencing Championships in Antalya, Turkey.



Women's Saber Olympians

Women's Sabre
2004 Mariel Zagunis, Gold
2004 Sada Jacobson, Bronze

Women's Saber World Champions

Gold Medalists
2000, Mariel Zagunis, Sada Jacobson, Christine Becker, Nicole Mustilli, WST
2001, Mariel Zagunis, Sada Jacobson, Amelia Gaillard, Emily Jacobson, JWST
2001, Mariel Zagunis, CWS
2001, Mariel Zagunis, JWS
2003, Sada Jacobson, JWS
2004, Caitlin Thompson, CWS
2004, Emily Jacobson, JWS
2004, Amelia Gaillard, Emily Jacobson, Caitlin Thompson, Mariel Zagunis, JWST
2005, Sada Jacobson, Caitlin Thompson, Rebecca Ward, Mariel Zagunis, WST
2005, Emily Jacobson, Caitlin Thompson, Rebecca Ward, Mariel Zagunis, JWST
2006, Rebecca Ward, CWS
2006, Rebecca Ward, JWS
2006, Jackie Jacobson, Caroline Vloka, Rebecca Ward, Dagmora Wozniak, JWST

Silver Medalists
2000, Mariel Zagunis, Sada Jacobson, Catherine Pack, Amelia Gaillard, JWST
2001, Sada Jacobson, JWS
2002, Emily Jacobson, Sada Jacobson, Mariel Zagunis, Amelia Galliard, JWST
2004, Mariel Zagunis, JWS
2006, Caroline Vloka, CWS

Bronze Medalists
1999, Amelia Gaillard, CWS
2000, Mariel Zagunis, CWS
2006, Jackie Jacobson, CWS

US National Women's Saber Champions


1998 Kelly Williams was the first Div 1 champion

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