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Axelrod takes Olympic bronze.

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Andy Shaw, the United States Fencing Association's Official Historian, has been collecting, storing, framing, archiving, reproducing, and cataloging the largest private collection on display in the country. While the Museum has received many gracious donations of fencing equipment and uniforms, Andy has been operating this collection at his own expense for many years. The walls of the Fairfield Avenue School of Fencing display many hundreds of these items for all to enjoy.


The OFFICIAL TRAILER for Southern Fried Fencing

Southern Fried Fencing OFFICIAL TRAILER

OFFICIAL TRAILER for Southern Fried Fencing!

Posted by Southern Fried Fencing on Monday, March 30, 2015

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Museum of American Fencing, with Andy Shaw
 October 2012
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Wide-angle photo tour of the Museum of American Fencing
November 2012


Joe Levis wins 1954 National Championship in foil  (his 8th title after 17 years of retirement.)
Congratulating Levis are: Larry Dargie (Boston University Coach), Edo Marion (Harvard University Coach),
Silvio Vitali (M.I.T. Coach) and Guido Pomodoro (New England Division Chairman)












What are fencers saying about the Museum of American Fencing?

"You’re doing such fantastic work.  It’s inspiring.  Please keep it up."
Nikki Franke
Temple University Coach, 2-time US foil champion, Olympian, member of US Fencing Hall of Fame 

"The site is a beauty!"
Denise O'Connor

Your Museum's website has been for me an amazing surprise . Not only by the way it is organized that permits us to imagine the richess of the museum patrimony, but also for the donations that have been made to it by families of disappeared fencers, or by old (not so much old) excellent fencers, like some friends of me like Carl Borack , Allan Jay, George Kolombatovich... that offered pieces that were certainly precious for them. And, I underline that too, by the young generation of  American fencers, world and olympic champions, as a contribution for the promotion of the old sport that they have chosen. You have made a superlative fencing museum and an enormous contribution for our ancient swords sport. Thank you !
Former president of Portuguese Fencing Federation, member of  FIE's commission, organiser of some great competitions like 2002 world championships...
"Your website is excellent - a real labour of love for American fencing."
Malcolm Fare,  official historian for the A.F.A. ( British Fencing Association )

"You did a great job with this website.  For me, it's like reliving history.  Creating a fencing museum is a great idea.  Congratulations!"
Steve Sobel, 2-time President of the USFA.

"What you have done is truly amazing. I sincerely thank you for sharing your great knowledge of our sport so unselfishly."
George Kolombatovich, Columbia University Fencing Coach and International Fencing Official




Metropolitan Division Saber Trophy

The Museum of American Fencing recently acquired the Metropolitan Division Sabre trophy
Metropolitan division saber trophy




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