3 world champion women in foil

Only 3 American women have ever been World Champions in a foil category: Joanna deTuscan-World Professional Foil Champion, 1939 ; Iris Zimmermann- World Cadet Foil Champion, 1995 ; Emily Cross – World Cadet Foil Champion,  World Junior Foil Champion 2005 and 2006, and Nzinga Prescod, 2008 Cadet World Foil champion.

Women fenced 5 touch bouts

From the 1880s until 1935, women in America fenced 5 touch bouts just like men, but in 1936 the rules were changed so that women now fenced 4 touch bouts.  This remained in effect until 1976.

Violet Barker

Violet Barker, who learned to fence at the Harlem YMCA from fencing coach Alec Hern, was the first black person to become a member of US Fencing (AFLA) in the 1930s.  When she showed up for her first tournament, her membership card was torn up and she was told to leave.  Violet never fenced again.

Fencing an official Olympic sport

Fencing has been an official Olympic sport since the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896.  Women's Foil made its debut at the Paris Games in 1924.

The Museum’s Historic Location

The building which houses the Museum of American Fencing was built in 1924.  It was the first commercial building outside of Downtown Shreveport.

Joe Levis

Joe Levis won his 8th US Foil title at age 48, after 16 years of retirement.

Albie Axelrod

Albie Axelrod won 4 US Foil titles and took 2nd place 8 times to 8 different champions.

The Museum of American Fencing

The Museum of American Fencing is the largest private collection of fencing uniforms, equipment, artwork and photos in the United States.