Keane, Jack

Pan American saber champion, 1968


Pan American saber champion, 1968
Jack Keane’s article “Spotlight is on Alex Orban

jack keane panam 1967 champ From American Fencing Magazine, 1967:  Farber was our logical first choice but the selection of the second man  was probably the most difficult decision to be made. On the record Balla had a slight edge over Keane but the latter had more experience in international competition. We believed his dramatic style and great will to win would carry him farther and fortunately the decision proved to be the right one.

Both of our men reached the final with relative ease. However, although Farber was the favorite,  the tenor of the final was established when Keane defeated Farber in the opener 5-4. Fencing with keen (no pun) strategy and in very crisp fashion, Keane locked up the championship before his final bout against P. Samek of Canada. Jack knew that if he beat Samek Farber could still win third by defeating L. Samek 5-3 in his last bout. Keane did his part, but Farber lost 5-4 after leading 4-1 and thus finished in sixth place.