Locke, Dorothy

Dorothy Locke, born in Brooklyn in 1912, her father one day popped the question out of nowhere, “How’d you like to fence?”


“I was an only child, a spoiled only child,” Dorothy recalled. She started to fence at Joseph Vince’s studio in Brooklyn. “I made very few mistakes when I was competing. I was kind of sneaky. I got along pretty well. I was also lucky, I guess, and I had a good coach.”

Dorothy Locke’s competitive career took off in the early 1930s just as the 1928 Olympic champion from Germany, Helene Mayer, had moved to the US. In those days, foreign champions were welcomed into our Nationals. So Dorothy Locke had to compete against her top teammate, Marion Lloyd as well as fraulein Mayer. Miss Locke won the foil Championship in 1932 and 1933 and took second to the Olympic champion Mayer three times, and finished 2nd to Miss Lloyd another time. Frustrated by her 4th second place finish in 1938, she retired from competition.

In the US Foil Team event, Miss Locke and her teammates set a record that still stands today with 10 consecutive titles. She now joins her teammates, Maria Cerra Tishman and Marion Lloyd Vince, and her coach, Joseph Vince for a final reunion in the US Fencing Hall of Fame.