Men’s Saber

1932 Olympic Saber Team1932 Olympic Saber Team

1932 US Olympic Saber Team:  Norman Armitage, John Huffman, Peter Bruder , Nicholas Muray, Harold Van Buskirk, Ralph Faulkner

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1948 Saber Olympic Team1948 Saber Olympic Team

1948 US Olympic Saber Fencing Team, London
l to r : George Worth, Dean Cetrulo, Miguel deCapriles, Norman Armitage, Tibor Nyilas, James Flynn

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1960 North Atlantics: Morales, Deladrier, Hurst1960 North Atlantics: Morales, Deladrier, Hurst

Al Morales, Andre Deladrier, Buzz Hurst at 1960 North Atlantic section championships.

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1988 Olympic Saber Team1988 Olympic Saber Team

L to r – Steve Mormando, Paul Friedberg, Peter Westbrook, Michael Lofton, Bob Cottingham
Photo by Carl Borack

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1988 Training Camp In Hawaii Before Seoul Olympic Games1988 Training Camp In Hawaii Before Seoul Olympic Games

l to r  John Moreau, Jon Normile, Carl Borack

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1995 Pan Am Men’s Saber Team Gold1995 Pan Am Men's Saber Team Gold

1995 Pan Am Men’s Saber Team Gold

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1996 Olympic Fencing Team Opening Ceremony1996 Olympic Fencing Team Opening Ceremony

’96 Olympians, photo taken in the holding area prior to Opening Ceremonies in Atlanta
Photo By Carl Borack

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1996 Olympic Team at the White House1996 Olympic Team at the White House

1996 Olympic Team at the White House

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2008 Olympic Saber Team2008 Olympic Saber Team

2008 Men’s Olympic Saber Team, Beijing.  Keeth Smart, Jason Rogers, Tim Morehouse, James Williams

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Armitage, Norman C.Armitage, Norman C.

17 US saber titles

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Blum, RobertBlum, Robert

Robert Max Blum occupies a special place in American fencing. Beginning his successful competitive career as an All-American fencer at Trinity College, Bob went on to capture national or international points in five different decades, became the first of only 2 Americans in history to make the World Championship individual saber finals (1958)  (equaled later only by Peter Westbrook) , competed on two US Olympic Teams (1964 Tokyo and 1968 Mexico City), qualified for 3 US Pan American Games teams, won the Metropolitan Division Men’s Individual Saber title 7 times, appeared almost perennially in the final round of the National Championships during the late 1950s and the 1960s, won the United States Saber Team title 10 times for Santelli and later Fencers Club, made the semi-final rounds of a world-circuit saber event at age 46, and officiated at 4 Olympic Games (1964, 1968, 1976, 1984),  earning him a place in US saber fencing history. But what also sets him above and apart from so many others has been Bob’s breadth of achievement.

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Bruder, PeterBruder, Peter

Peter Bruder fenced on the US Olympic Team in 1932 and 1936, and on the 1934 US International Team.

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Cetrulo, DeanCetrulo, Dean

AFLA national foil champion (1941, ’47); national sabre champion (1948). Member, US. Olympic team (1948), reached the semifinals in foil individual and sabre individual. Member, Olympic bronze medal-winning sabre team (1948).

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DiCerbo, TomDiCerbo, Tom

Shoulders slumped. Hands plunged deep into Levi pockets when they weren’t wrapped around a weapon. The “plain wrap” baseball cap. And a heart as boundless as Olympic dreams. Tom DiCerbo was a living, breathing caricature of the gruff, “do it my way or else” fencing coach, but most of all, he was one hell of a human being.

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Goering, WilliamGoering, William

Pan Am Games Saber Team member, 1959 Pan Am Gold Medal, and 1971 Pan Am Silver Medal.  Miwest Section Saber Champion 24 times. USFA Board of Directors Member 1959 – 1991

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Keane, JackKeane, Jack

Pan American saber champion, 1968

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Levitt, TeddyLevitt, Teddy

“The mindset I learned from my coach, is that if your facing someone you know you can beat, you shouldn’t be nervous,” says Levitt…

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Mandel, DaveMandel, Dave

 Dave Mandel won the NCAA Saber title in 1990 and went on to take the Division 1 US National Saber title in 1993.
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Men’s Saber Olympians

Men’s Individual Sabre

1904 William Grebe, Silver

1904 Albertson Van Zo Post, Bronze

1984 Peter Westbrook, Bronze

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Men’s Saber Record Holders

17 Titles

Norman Armitage: 1929 (out), 1930, 1930 (out), 1932 (out), 1933 (out), 1934, 1935, 1935 (out), 1936, 1939, 1939 (out), 1940, 1940 (out), 1941, 1942, 1943, 1945


13 Titles

Peter Westbrook: 1974, 1975, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1995

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Muray, NikolasMuray, Nikolas

(1892-1965) – Born in Hungary. AFLA national sabre champion (1927, ’28). Member, U.S. Olympic team (1928, ’32). Known as the “photographer of the famous” – he was the outstanding portraitist of the 1920’s and ’30’s. 

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Nyilas, TiborNyilas, Tibor

Tibor Nyilas’ achievements in fencing were simply spectacular. A youthful national star in his native Hungary before he came to the United States in 1939, Tibor absolutely dominated American Saber Fencing for more than twenty years.

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O’Connor, Tatham, Nadal, Van Zo Post, 1891O'Connor, Tatham, Nadal, Van Zo Post, 1891

William Scott O’Connor, Charles Tatham, C. C. Nadal, and Albertson Van Zo Post

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Orban, AlexOrban, Alex

World Class Fencer
Orban is a star. An international star. He can do everything that ever was intended to be done with a saber. And he probably can do it faster than anybody. He is generally acknowledged to be one of the three fastest, if not the fastest, man in the world.  (exerpt from “Spotlight is on Alex Orban, by Jack Keane”)

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Postgate, George WilliamPostgate, George William

1908 US National Saber champion, 1910 Silver medalist in the US 3-weapon competition

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Rogers, JasonRogers, Jason

Two-time NCAA Championships bronze medalist for Ohio State, in 2002 and 2003; Bronze, individual saber, 2003 Pan Am Games and member of Gold-medal U.S. team; 8th, Senior “A” World Cup, Madrid, SPA, May 2003

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Seven Hall of Famers in the NY Fencers ClubSeven Hall of Famers in the NY Fencers Club

Seven Hall of Famers in the NY Fencers Club – Rene Pinchart, Warren Dow, Giorgio Santelli, Tibor Nyilas, Lajos Csiszar, Dean Cetrulo, and Norman Armitage Seven Hall of Famers in the NY Fencers Club – Rene Pinchart, Warren Dow, Giorgio Santelli, Tibor Nyilas, Lajos Csiszar, Dean Cetrulo, and Norman Armitage

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US National Men’s Saber Champions

1888 Hildreth Bloodgood

1889 Luis Franke

1890 George Heintz

1891 Charles Bothner

1892 Rudolph Haubold

1893 Graeme Hammond

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Van Buskirk, HaroldVan Buskirk, Harold

Harold Van Buskirk, from the Houston Post, 1964

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VanBlijenburgh, Capt. HubertVanBlijenburgh, Capt. Hubert

Lieutenant Hubert Van Blijenburgh, an officer of the Dutch Army who has been represending the N.Y.A.C in fencing contests this year, is not going to remain very long in the United States. He is taking a course in the Y.M.C.A. College at Springfield, Mass, having been sent there by his Government, and after finishing up his studies will return to his native land to assume an important position in the Royal Military Academy, which is an institution similar to West Point.

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Westbrook, PeterWestbrook, Peter

13-time national champion and six-time Olympian.

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Worth, GeorgeWorth, George

U.S. national sabre champion (1954); medalist five times. U.S. Olympic team (1948, ’52, ’56, ’60). Finalist, Olympic sabre individual (1948) – fifth place. Member, bronze medal-winning sabre team (1948) and fourth place sabre team (1960). One of the leading officials in the sport.

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