Prokop, Austin

Austin “Gus” Prokop became a member of the 1948 US Olympic fencing team for the London Games

Gus Prokop served as a lieutenant in the army during WWII in N.Africa, Italy, Germany and France. Luckily he came back in one piece. He served from 2/21/43 to 8/2/45.

Austin Prokop in 1939

1948 Olympic Foil Team
left to right: Nat Lubell,  Dean Cetrulo,  Silvio Giolito,   Dernell Every,   Gus Prokop, Danny Bukantz
1948 Olympic foil team

Thank you to Rick Prokop, son of Gus Prokop for this photo

1948 Olympic team aboard the Queen Elizabeth
Left to Right: Warren Dow, Ralph Goldstein, Norman Lewis, Joe deCapriles, George Worth, Mike deCapriles, Tibor Nyilas, Gus Prokop

On board the Queen Elizabeth in 1948
Left to right: Joe deCapriles, Danny Bukantz, Mrs. Pinchart – wife of coach Rene Pinchart, Gus Prokop, Nat Lubell

Fencing Olympians on board Queen Elizabeth in 1948
Left to right:   Gus Prokop, Ralph Goldstein, George Worth, Tibor Nyilas

Jeanne and Austin Prokop, December 1947