Romary, Janice York

Janice York Romary – 10 US National foil fencing titles, and Olympian.

AFLA national foil champion (1950, ’51 ,’56, ’57, ’60, ’61, ’64, ’66, ’67 ,’68). Member, U.S. Olympic team (1948, ’52, ’56,’ 60, ’64, ’68). Twice a finalist, Olympic foil individual (1952) – tied for third place, finished fourth; and (1956) – fourth place. Carried the U.S. Flag in the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics (1968).

Andy Shaw, owner of the Museum of American Fencing  showcases his display for Janice York Romary

Janice Romary foil fencer


National Champion Janice Lee York Romary was a participant in the well-known TV program, “TO TELL THE TRUTH” on May 7.  Three of the four panelists were unable to spot Jan as the national champion and former escrow officer of a bank, against the artful fibs of her co-participants.  Jan’s share of the prizes was donated to the AFLA’s international fund.

Maxine Mitchell and Jan Romary

Women’s foil Team for U.S. at the Copenhagen World Championships in 1952.
Standing is Polly Craus and seated from l to r is Paula Sweeney, Jan York Romary and Maxine Mitchell.
Missing from photo is Bess Aboulafia.