Schoonmaker, Florence

US Foil Champion in 1925, 1926, and 1929, representing the Fencers’ Club.

Elizabeth Van Buskirk (left)1930 US Foil Champion with teammate Florence Schoonmaker who was US Foil Champ in 1925, 1926 and 1929 (center) and Lena Gilbert (US foil bronze medalist) on the right.


April 7, 1929
NY Times

Women Are Helping in Fencing Advance
Miss Gilbert, Mrs. Schoonmaker and Mrs. Voorhees Among Those Popularizing the Sport

Interest in fencing has been rising steadily this season, particularly in the women’s division, and greatly increased entries have been received for each of the tournaments held thus far.  The most recent of the women’s events, the national team championship at the Fencers’ Club last Thursday night, was well received by enthusiasts in the metropolitan district, who saw many excellent performances by leading women fencers.

Although attendances at the tournaments have not been large because of limited facilities for spectators, the strides the sport has taken is indicated by the fact that the Fencers’ Club, one of the foremost organizations devoted to the sport in this city, now has under construction a new ten-story clubhouse on East Fifty-third Street, the old quarters having been outgrown.  The new building, which will have greatly increased facilities for fencing, is expected to be ready for occupancy on October 3.

Those who attended last Thursday’s competition saw a team representing the home club carry off the title, winning three matches in the final recapitulation, as compared to two for the Salle de Vince.  Miss Marion Lloyd, women’s national champion in 1927-8 and competing for Salle de Vince, turned in the best performance of the evening when she won all three of her matches and almost carried her team to the championship.  Miss Lena Gilbert and Mrs. Leon Schoonmaker, members of the winning squad, each performed brilliantly and were important factors in the triumph.  Both won two matches.  Mrs Alice Voorhees also performed ably for the Fencers’ Club.

The next women’s matches of importance will be held next Thursday when the women’s national individual foils championship is conducted at the Fencers’ Club.  At that time Miss Lloyd will defend her title against a formidable field.