Thanks and Credits

Michel Mamlouk, 2-time President of U.S. Fencing, and his widow, Maria Mamlouk have generously donated a saber from circa 1900 that an Italian master named Favia gave his father in Egypt as well as 39 medals Mr. Mamlouk won over his fencing career.

Doug Nichols,who runs the West Coast Archive and is now a board member of the Museum, has donated Mike deCapriles 1948 Olympic fencing bag and his Samuel T. Shaw Outdoor National Championship Award engraved epees from 1936.

Gerek Meinhardt, US foil Olympian, has donated his Notre Dame mask, lame and glove.

Jeff Spear, 2012 U.S. Saber Olympian and Columbia University saber star has donated his saber lame to the Museum.

5-time Olympian Albie Axelrod’s original Cetrulo foil and Csiszar saber, mask, uniform,and the bag he got at the Tokyo Games were donated by his son, Michael Axelrod.

Jed Dupree, Olympian and US Foil champion, donated his foil from the 2004 Olympics.

Arthur Lederman, former Georgia Tech fencer from the early ’60’s, has donated The Theory and Practice of FENCING by Julio Castello and a few old catalogues from Santelli and Castello.

Maxine Mitchell donated a series of American Fencing Magazines from 1951 – 1959 which were collected and later donated to the Museum by Barbra Higgins.

Sheila Armstrong, Cliff Kirmss and Hugo Castello donated a collection of old photographs which were collected and recently given to the Museum by Barbra Higgins of Oakland, California.

Mike deCapriles (US Olympian, Olympic Medalist, President of the F.I.E. 1960-1964) and his wife, Dorothy Haffner made a donation of his Olympic fencing bag, the Samuel T. Shaw Award Epees and her engraved foil to Hans Halberstadt who then gave it to Golden Gate Fencing Club Coach and former US Epee Champion, Paul Soter, who gave it to Doug Nichols, who donated it to the Museum.

George Masin, US Epee Olympian and Olympic Fencing historian, has donated his 2 Olympic blazers from 1976 plus a large collection of antique fencing postcards.

Joe Byrnes, Hall of Fame Olympic Armorer and NYU Literature professor, has donated over 50 warm-up suits, jackets and bags from the Olympic Games, Olympic Festivals, Pan Am Games and World Championships.

Charles Simonian, Ohio State’s Fencing Coach for 17 years has donated a collection of photographs of George Calnan that he had received from Mrs. George Calnan.  In addition, the Museum received an amazing display of historical epee and foil points, and finally a tubular foil that was created in the 1930’s by Bela deTuscan.

Ted Li, Hall of Fame armorer, has donated vintage electric scoring devices.

1984 US Olympian, Phil Reilly has donated his participation medal from the Los Angeles Games along with the photo of the team.

Emily Cross, 3-time World Foil champion, NCAA Champion & Olympian, has donated her foil, mask, jacket and 2 lames to the Museum.

Bill and Marietta Towry have donated 50 fencing plaques and trophies from their collection.

2004 Olympian and 2012 World Champion team member Soren Thompson has donated his mask from the 2004 Olympics.

2012 Olympian, Lee Kiefer, has donated her first mask (autographed) that she used as a beginner.

Michael Aufrichtig, head fencing coach at Columbia University and captain of the New York Athletic Club fencing team, has donated his NYAC warm-up suit.

Chuck Finn of theWharton School and University of Pennsylvania ’61 fencing team for his donation of patches and his collection of American Fencing Magazine.

Jack Hespenheide of York, Pennsylvania ( coached for over 70 years ) for his collection of American Fencing Magazines and Amateur Swordsman Magazines.

Marcel Pasche (1930 US Epee Champion) and coach at West Point, Bryn Mawr College, Vassar College, St. John’s University, Lacordaire School, Montclair adult school and his own club in New Jersey, and his wife, Margaret collected memorabilia from his illustrious career. Their three daughters have donated a beautiful collection of fencing items from the 1920’s, ’30’s and 1940’s including photos, tie pins, 2 fencing ties, many photographs, letters, telegrams and advertisements. We must thank Marcel and Margaret Pasche’s three daughters: Nancy Pasche Calvin, Anne Pasche Knorr and Marie Pasche Retherford for this wonderful historic donation.

Leslie Marx (US Epee champion, US Olympian) has made a $100 donation to the Museum.

Donna Stone (US Epee Champion & 5th at the 1989 World Championships) has made a $50 donation to the Museum.

Col. Tinnin Windsor of Salla De Armas Windsor, founder of the Border Division in the 1940’s and father of El Paso coach Marietta Towry (one of the first highly rated female referees in America), has donated the CASTELLO ELECTRO-SWORD RECORDER from the 1940’s. This early scoring device comes as a travelling model in 2 suitcases. We thank Bill and Marietta for this historical donation.

Arthur Plouffe, Rochester Institute of Technology fencing coach and epee competitor was self-taught and fenced since 1941. His daughter, Jackie Carson, has donated an extensive collection of fencing patches, pins, fencing magazines, certificates, photos and articles which chronicle fencing in Rochester from the 1940’s until his death in 2012.

Bill Gelnaw has donated the OLIVER G. BOWEN HANDICAP Fencing Tournament trophy from Southern California Division beginning in 1937.  Bowen was a famous LA engineer.

Bruno Goossens has donated 3 foils that belonged to Hall of Famer and 2-time US foil champion, Gay Jacobsen.

Dick Berry, 2-time US Epee Champion, has donated some original photos, 3 award plaques, Michigan State University Fencing Team warm-up, fencing jacket, mask and pants.

Dernell Every, Hall of Famer / Olympic Bronze Medalist / 3-time US Foil Champion / Olympian 1928 – 1948 / has made a spectacular donation.  Dernell had promised to give some of his memorabilia to the “just-started” Museum of American Fencing in Los Angeles in 1993. But before that package was sent, Mr. Every died.   So in 1994, his medals and photos went to his closest friends, Pan Am fencer Grace Acel Hillyer Anderson and her husband Paul Anderson, who was instrumental in starting the fencing team at UConn in the 1940s. The Andersons promised to send me a selection of Mr. Every’s collection as soon as they had the time. Sometime in the late 1990’s I lost contact with the Anderson family and Dernell Every’s fencing gifts.  Fast forward to 2011….Paul Anderson’s daughter, Valerie Gillen (who had inherited the Anderson’s and Mr. Every’s items) decided to donate these fencing riches to the Museum.  Here is what was donated:

10 U.S. National Championship medals, 5 AFLA Metropolitan medals, U.S. Olympic belt buckle from Amsterdam 1928, U.S. Olympic belt buckle from Los Angeles 1932, 4 Yale University medals, 4 large Olympic medallions from Amsterdam 1928, Los Angeles 1932 and London 1948; a Centennial celebration letter opener from the Fencers’ Club 1883 – 1983; 50 photographs from the 1948 U.S. National finals in the Roosevelt Hotel and photos from the 1948 London Olympics;  a U.S. Olympic Committee pin in silver with an image of Big Ben from the 1948 Olympics; 2 I.F.A. medals; 4 U.S. Olympic team patches;  2 “concurrent”1928 Amsterdam Olympic metal clips; F. I. E. Organizing Committee credential for the 1958 World Championships in Philadelphia;  a selection of U.S. Olympic pins; 1932 Los Angeles Olympics Identification card;  1932 Los Angeles Olympic metal identification badge for the Olympic Village and Games; 2 large Yale University awards; American Olympic Fencing Committee minutes from 1938 at the NYAC;  biographies of all of the 1936 U.S. Olympic fencers; Robert Grasson’s (Yale Coach) complete collegiate records;  a button from a man’s blazer with the colored Olympic patch of the United States.

Stacey Johnson, Hall of Famer, President of US Fencing Association and 1980 Olympian, has donated her 1980 Moscow Olympics warm-up suit and t-shirts.

Gay Jacobson D’Asaro, Hall of Famer,  2-time US national foil champion and 2-time Olympian, has donated her 1980 Moscow Olympics warm-up suit.

Joe Byrnes, Hall of Fame armorer, has donated his 1964 Tokyo Olympics warm-ups in mint condition.

Vinnie Bradford, 1984 Olympian, 5 times US Champion in foil and epee, 3-times Pan American Games medalist and member of the famed San Jose State fencing dynasty, has donated her 1979 Pan Am Games sweat suit (made by Levis), the 1983 Pan Am red jacket and rain jacket, and t-shirts from the 1984 LA Olympics.

Bill Goering was a Pan Am Games team member, Pan Am Gold medal winner in 1959, Pan Am Silver medal in 1971, and Midwest Section Saber Champion 24 times.  He was also on the USFA Board of Directors from 1959 – 1991.  We thank his wife Monica for the donation of Bill’s Pan Am games outfit from 1971, his University Games outfit from 1983, a selection of photographs, patches, and medals.

Lajos Csiszar, Penn coach and Hall of Famer, gave 3 handmade saber guards and pairs of custom made pants to David Micahnik, Penn coach and Hall of Famer.  Dave Micahnik has donated these to the Museum.

Gus Prokop was one of the most “talented” foil stars of his era.  A teammate of Axelrod’s at Stuyvesant Highschool, he fenced at the 1948 London Olympic Games.  His son, Rick Prokop, has given the Museum a large collection of images from his father’s past including shots of many of our ’48 stars on board the ship crossing the Atlantic.

Denise O’Connor, two-time Olympian, (1964, 1976), Hall of Famer who fenced in five World Championships (1965, ’66, ’69, ’70, ’75), as well as the Pan American Games of 1975 (Bronze Medal), has donated 2 parade outfits from the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

Daniel Costin, (owner and Coach of Avant Garde Fencers Club) ,Romanian national saber champion and member and Coach of the Romanian National Saber Team, and coach of the US Junior Saber Team has donated his Romanian Olympic warm-up jacket from the ’91 World Championships in Budapest.

Michael Marx, 5-time Olympian & 8-time US foil champion, has donated his 1992 Olympic parade uniform, his 1996 Olympic fencing uniform and a Levi’s shirt autographed by the complete 1984 US Olympic Fencing Team

George Worth was U.S. national sabre champion (1954); U.S. medalist five times. 4 times a member of the U.S. Olympic fencing team (1948, ’52, ’56, ’60). Finalist, Olympic sabre individual (1948) – fifth place. Member, bronze medal-winning sabre team (1948) and fourth place sabre team (1960). One of the leading officials in the sport and a member of the US Fencing Hall of Fame.  His wife, Karen Worth has donated 2 of George’s sabers that were hand-made and signed by Lajos Csiszar, his mask, glove, Pan Am Games belt from 1971, and a number of trophies, pins and patches.

Samuel Thompson Stewart Jr., born in 1912, was a 1936 Olympian who represented Salle Vince & later the NYAC. He won the 1935 U.S. Men’s Sabre Team Champions rep. Salle Vince with Peter Bruder & J. A. Cerra and 1937 & 1938 U.S.

Men’s Sabre Team Champions NYAC w/ Acel, Huffman & Marson and 1950 U.S. Sabre Team champions again w/ NYAC & J. Flynn, Ralph Marson, Nick Muray.

George Masin ( a member of the Fencing Hall of Fame) has donated a series of medals that Mr. Stewart won.

George Masin, Olympian, Epee champion, Hall of Famer, has donated his cap and a bag from the 1972 Olympic Games.

Dr. Todd Makler, NCAA Saber champion 1967 & 1968 (Penn),  and 1972 Epee Olympian has donated an official commemorative pewter tray from the 1964 Tokyo Olympics which is inscribed with the signatures of the winners of the 4 individuals, plus the various other official names.  Todd’s father, Dr. Paul Makler was a member of that ’64 team and was also President of the AFLA / USFA.  Todd’s brother, Brooke, was NCAA epee champion (Penn) and a member of the 1976 US Olympic team.  We thank the whole Makler Olympic fencing family.

Robert Blum, inducted into the Hall of Fame in the summer of 2010, has donated his hat and Olympic blazer from the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.  Blum was a finalist in the 1958 World Saber Championships.

Larry Anastasi, 1964 & 1968 Olympian who competed in the Olympics in foil and epee, was the US National champion in foil and epee, won the Pan Am Games gold medal in foil and epee, has donated his uniform from the Olympics including jacket with Olympic patch, pants, 2 electric epees, fencing bag, mask, gloves, extra blade.

James Williams, a former Columbia fencing team captain, two-time All-American, 2-time Pan Am Games medalist, and Olympic silver medalist in saber at the 2008 Beijing Games, has donated one of his saber lames to the Museum.

Keeth Smart, 3-time Olympian, 2-time US saber champion and Olympic silver medalist in saber at the 2008 Beijing Games, has donated one of his saber lames to the Museum.

Jason Rogers, Olympic silver medalist in Beijing, has made his third donation to Museum including his 2009 Pan American individual and team championships Gold medals in a beautiful case and the Gold medal from the 2009 Division I saber circuit in Portland.  Additional items included :Olympic t-shirt, Ohio State fencing t-shirt, plus various Olympic paraphernalia from ’08 Beijing.  Jason has also sent Ralph Lauren shirts, shorts, hats from the Olympic Games and warm-ups from both the ’04 and ’08 Games and a backpack from the Beijing Games.

Karen Worth, the widow of GEORGE WORTH, 4-time US saber Olympian, Olympic finalist and member of the US Fencing Hall of Fame, has donated some beautiful photos of her great husband.

Ed Richards, 2-time US foil champion, fencing master, Olympian and member of the US Fencing Hall of Fame, has donated his black master’s jacket that he wore for many years while coaching at the Westside Fencing Center.

Carl Borack, 1969 US foil champion, 1972 Olympian, 4-time US Olympic team captain, 2-time Pan Am Games gold medalist, 3-time Pan Am Games team captain, Executive Vice-President USFA, has donated his 1988 Olympic warm-up jacket to the Museum.

Jim Carpenter, who was Director of High Performance for the USFA, 3-time US World Team member, 2-time Pan Am Games medalist in Epee Team, 1996 US Olympic epee team, 3-time US national epee team champion (NYAC) has donated his 1996 Olympic parade warm-up suit, 2 Olympic Sport Festival jackets, 1991 Pan Am Games buckle, a Metropolitan Division gold medal, and a US Sports Festival medal.

Sean McClain, a 2-time U.S. champion (foil & epee), 4-time Jr. Olympic champion (foil & epee), and Empire United fencing coach in New York City, has donated his lame, a US national medal, 2 sports festival medals, his Pan American Games silver medal from 1995, the Clarion Cup Sword from 1987, his scrap book, World Team warm-up suit, shoes, gloves and warm-up suit from his early Round Rock days with Pouj and many great photos and videos from his youth. We also thank his mom, Bobbi and his dad, Pat.

James Murray III, son of Hall of Famer James Murray Jr., and Kathryn Murray, granddaughter of the great Columbia and NYAC coach, have donated photos, anecdotes and articles on the legendary fencing figure.

Grant Mitchell, son of the 4-time Olympian & Hall of Famer Maxine Mitchell, has donated an array of patches, Olympic brochures, an autographed copy of American Fencing Magazine and photos of his beloved mother to our Museum.

James Adams of Rockville, Maryland has donated a vintage poster for Stride Rite Shoes that was shot at the old New York Fencers’ Club on East 53rd Street.  (Lydon House)

Brian Carberry, Olympic memorabilia collector and Southfield School dad, has donated a series of Olympic tickets to fencing events, 2 Olympic Sports Festival medals, autographed copy of Peter Westbrook’s book, and an article on Hall of Famer Eugene Hamori.

Columbia University fencing coach George Kolombatovich has donated a first edition of Aldo Nadi’s “On Fencing.”

Michel Mamlouk, 2-time USFA President, has donated his father’s (Joseph Mamlouk) saber circa 1900 when he trained in Alexandria, Egypt with the Italian master, Favia.

Skip Shurtz,1956 Olympian in foil and epee, US national champion in foil and epee, has donated his original scrap books that were started by his mom in the 1930’s.

Lee Shelley, Hall of Famer, 3-time US Epee champion, has donated his mask, jacket, pants, glove, socks, shoes, and epee to the Museum.

Kalle Weeks, the 26th President of the USFA, has donated memorabilia from the 2009 Arnold International Classic.

Dave Micahnik, Hall of Famer, Olympian, National champion and coach of University of Pennsylvania for 34 years, has donated his teaching saber for the last 25 years.  This saber was hand-made by Hall of Famer and former Penn Coach, Lajos Csiszar.

Kathy Krusen donated two old Uhlmann machines, an old Tokyo Sport “flying  saucer” reel and some homemade test equipment that Eleanor Turney and Art Turney used in San Francisco.

Peter Devine, 1996 US Olympic foilist, has donated his Atlanta Olympics warm-up jacket.

3-time US Epee champion and Olympian Jon Normile has donated his ’92 Barcelona warm-up suit, tank top and US Olympic blazer.

Ted Katzoff, fencing master at Beverly Hills Fencing Club, founder of Westside Fencing Center and Head Coach at Harvard / Westlake School, has donated original photos of Hollywood’s Olympian, Ralph Faulkner and his wife, Edith Jane Faulkner as well as the memorial plaque for Edith Jane which originally lived at the Hollywood Boulevard Faulkner Studios, and Ralph Faulkner’s US Fencing Hall of Fame award.

Byron Krieger, the Midwest’s legendary 3-weapon champion and 2-time Olympian has donated a wonderful collection of photos of him and his wife Jocelyn Ruth Krieger, Byron’s 1952 Olympic robe, warm-up jacket from 1956 Olympics, and warm-up suit from the 1957 Maccabi Games.

Robert Van Der Wege, former Head Coach of Minnesota Excalliber Fencing club has donated an historical scrapbook of Minnesota fencing history with many photos of Ferdinand Uebel, the father of Minnesota fencing.

Max Garret, Hall of Fame Coach, and his wife Diana have given the Museum many plaques and awards from City College 1939, University of Illinois Big 10 champions, Penn State, Israel National Fencing Team, State of Florida, the St. Louis Division, the Andrei Spitzer Memorial, the  N.C.A.A., the  U.S. Fencing/Helms Hall of Fame, 1970 World Championships and more.  We also thank Mac and Diana’s daughter Esther Garret Solar and her husband Gary Solar.

Joe Pechinsky, the Hall of Fame coach from the Tanner City Fencing Club in Peabody, Massachusetts has donated his black leather jacket to the Museum.

We wish to thank 6-time Olympian, 2-time Olympic finalist, 10-time US foil champion Janice York Romary, her husband Chuck Romary, and their daughter Lisa Romary Mosher for their enormous donation of original photos, awards, certificates, uniforms (including an orange fencing uniform used to teach Steve Allen on his television show in the 1950’s) letters, books and posters.

Jason Rogers, 2004 and 2008 US Saber Olympian from Los Angeles, has donated his 2004 Olympic uniform and Team-USA warm-up jacket. Jason also donated his award ceremony suit, shirt and shoes for the 2008 Beijing Games where he received his Olympic silver medal.

George Kolombatovich, the Columbia University Coach and Olympic Referee, donated his 1984 Olympic tie and 1992 Olympic referee blazer.

Cathy McClellan, 2-time US Epee champion and 2008 US Fencing Hall of Fame inductee, donated her Zivkovic lexan mask.

Donna Stone donated a 1960 Olympic pin from Evelyn Terhune, and two posters from Salle Santelli.

George Masin donated a medal for the 1913 Women’s Junior Foil, from Mrs. Max H. Biernbaum.

7 of US foil Olympian Nat Lubell’s medals have been purchased from Jerry Harmyk of Glen Ridge, NJ.

2-time US Epee champion Leslie Marx has made another donation including: photos,”the little gold scarf that was handed out to athletes at the opening ceremonies of the 1996 Olympics for us to wave around.  There is my wristband from the Olympics.  There is a gold participant pin from 1996 and a pager — everyone on the 1996 Olympic team got one and an issue of Time Magazine.”

The Museum purchased a very reasonably priced antique fencing mask (circa 1880) from Jon and Leslie Waltz of Dousman, Wisconsin.

We purchased the 1994 Spalding Fencing Guide from Jon S. Richmond in San Antonio, Texas.

2-time US Epee champion Leslie Marx has made a cash donation of $50 to our Museum and she has donated 2 warm-up suits;  one she wore at 1995 Pan American Games where she won the gold in women’s epee and the women’s epee team gold against Cuba. The other is from the 1992 Women’s Epee World Championships in Cuba.

Maurice Kamhi eliminated Olympic champion Ion Drimba in 2 straight DE bouts at the ’69 Martini & Rossi International wearing the lame he has donated to the Museum that was hand made for him by Santelli teammate Bobby Russell (1965 US foil champion).

 2-time USFA President Steve Sobel for donating his official US Olympic Sports Committee Fencing patch, 2 portrait photos and the brilliant advertisement that helped him to become the 22nd President.

Donna Stone, 3-time US Epee champion and 5th in World championships 1989, for her gift of full set of equipment including weapon, mask, shoes, Santelli USA bathrobe, ’89 US team warm-up, mask, uniform, and bag.

4-time US foil champion Cliff Bayer for donating his ’96 Atlanta Olympics All-star fencing jacket and 2 Olympic dress ties (1 from the ’96 Atlanta Games and 1 from the 2000 Sydney Games)

7-time US saber champion Tibor Nyilas donated an autographed photo to our Museum.

USFCA Historian Jeffrey Tishman generously gave us a copy of his book on the Olympics along with some rarely seen family portraits.

2-time US foil champion (1994, 1995) and Olympian , Ann Marsh, kindly took the time for a recorded interview about her incredible career.

Nicholas Roosevelt (Nicholas Roosevelt Sr. invented the steamboat) of Oxford, Pennsylvania for sending a photo of the famous portrait painter and fencer, Samuel Montgomery Roosevelt, who served as President of the New York Fencers’ Club in 1896.

Mr. Ormonde DeKay of  N.Y.C. & George Colman DeKay of  Stonington, Connecticut (grandsons of Charles deKay) ; Dr. Joseph Rodman Drake Dekay (great-grandson of Charles deKay) of Hiram, Maine;  Mr. Rodman Dekay of Deer Isle, Maine for their donations of biographical, literary and photographic data on NY Fencers’ club founder Charles deKay who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2008 in San Jose, California.

We thank Vivian Heremans Moekle of Los Angeles, daughter of Jean Heremans, for her interviews, photos and news articles of her beloved dad.  Mr. Heremans was a Belgian fencing Olympian, coach at Los Angeles Athletic Club & University of Southern California.  He is best remembered as one of the great Hollywood Swordmaster/Choreographers in films such as; The Three Musketeers starring Gene Kelly.

Paul Jenkin, actor/fencer from Los Angeles/Philadelphia for his exacting stories of fencing events of years’ past.

1959 World Champion Allan Jay of Great Britain for his gift of a newsreel from the Budapest World Championships of 1959.

Robert Levis of Florida gave invaluable stories of his father’s life (Joe Levis took the Silver Medal in the 1932 Olympic foil event and was the #1 seed going into the Berlin Olympic Games of 1936.)

Donna Stone, the only American epeeist to ever make the finals of the World Championships (5th in 1989), donated photos of herself and her exceptional coach, Jerzy Grzymsky, of Salle Santelli New Jersey.

Joanna deTuscan, Hall of Famer and 1939 World Professional Foil Champion, donated copies of 180 pages of her news articles and copies of her paid advertisements for Wheaties, Maxwell House Coffee and Camel Cigarettes. She also welcomed me into her Hollywood Hills home a number of times for in-depth interviews.

Gay Jacobson D’Asaro (Olympian, Hall of Fame,US national champion) donated a few photos.

Photos of Marjorie Kumler,1936 Pacific Coast Foil Champion were donated by Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Kumler of Camarillo, CA.

Al Kwartler (Olympian, US saber champion, Hall of Famer) gave us a few beautiful photos.

Mary Huddleson of Oakland, California donated beautiful photos of 9-time US foil champion and 1928 Olympic champion Helene Mayer

1955 Pan Am foilist Grace Acel Anderson of Chappaqua, N.Y. donated photos of her career as well as those of her 1928 Olympian dad, Dr. E.S. Acel.

Thanks to Renzo Greco, fencing master at Salle Greco in Rome for photos of his grandfather, Agesilao Greco and an original Greco book.

Hall of Famer Heizaburo Okawa (Japanese and US champion) donated photo of Japanese Olympic team.

The McGraw family of Los Angeles gave us photos and medals of LAAC fencing great DeLoss McGraw.

Scott Dudley Breckinridge, Jr. of Lexington, Kentucky gave me biographical data and photos of Olympians Dr. Scott Dudley Breckinridge and Col. Henry Breckinridge.

Ben Zivkovic and son Bran have donated their prototype Lexan mask from 1974 along with their DVD at the 2006 World Championships with Rene Roche of the F.I.E.

Official F.I.E. photographer Serge Timacheff ( has generously given the Museum some beautiful still shots from the World Championships.

Under 19 US saber champion Teddy Levitt from Los Angeles(fencing for Stanford) has given the Museum his saber lame and some great photos for our records.

Ralph Goldstein’s (Hall of Famer, US Olympic Team Captain, Director and Editor of American Fencing Magazine) bag, jackets, pants weapons and mask were generously donated by Tom Ciccarone from the Candlewood Fencing in Danbury, Connecticut.  Mr. Ciccarone’s donation also included a 1950’s scoring device.

Our friends John, Elizabeth and Melissa Burford made a gift of fencing stamps that they have purchased for us. Thank you.

Dr. Dean Stockstill of Monroe, Louisiana gave technical support and artistic enrichment on an original picture from the NY Fencers’ Club dating back to the 1890’s.

US Olympian Zaddick Longenbach generously donated his Barcelona Olympic warm-up jacket to our Fencing Museum.

We thank Olympian and Hall of Famer Vinnie Bradford of Austin, Texas for making a gift of her fencing scrapbooks.

USFA Executive Director, Michael Massik, has contributed to the Museum of American Fencing with an autographed banner for the 2006 Junior World Championships.

Abby Silverstone of Canada/Southern California for his donation of 1958 World Championships film.

Joe Pechinsky for donating his video of the 1993 Ft. Myers’ finals in foil.

3-time consecutive epee champion Norman Lewis for allowing me the time to interview him over the telephone.

Foil Olympian Nat Lubell graciously took the time to retrace his early highschool days fencing in NYC.

Dr. Milton Shaw of Marlton, NJ sent biographical and photographic history of his 1910 U.S. national saber champion dad, Joseph T. Shaw.

Phillip Brigandi of Hemet, California for his generous donation of documents and photos of the 1896 Cornell fencing coach, Filippo Brigandi  aka  Philip Brigandi.

Mary Alley-Draper (Marty Tetloff for tracking these folks down); Martha and Robert Sauer; Frederick and Linda Sauer for their help in piecing together the life story of Hall of Fame 3-weapon star Alfred Sauer.

Betsy Ramsey & Lee Waldbott led me to Janet Waldbott Siegel, the daughter of the first Jewish National Champion, Camille Waldbott.  She gave me a family history, great stories, and the only photo I have ever seen of Mr. Waldbott.

John Demeny, Thomas De Mulder, Lynn Demeny and Lynn Hall combined to bring the life story of fencing legend Sherman Hall to life, as well as the beautiful photos they donated.

Bill, Laurel & Ian Quirk of Hayward, California for their great photos of American Fencing’s founding father, Graeme Hammond.

The great and loving Olympic fencing captain Ralph Goldstein for photos and anecdotes of himself and Pieter Mijer.

We thank Andy Santelli for donating early photos of her dad, Giorgio.

4-time Olympian Dernell Every donated a few historic photos and, more importantly, many hours of unforgettable fencing anecdotes from the 1920’s and 1930’s narrated over the telephone.

Olympic bronze medalist Albie Axelrod retrieved old, damaged, discarded photos from the garbage pail at the Fencers’ Club and shipped them to me for restoration and display.

Maria Cerra Tishman took the time to tell a detailed story of her 1948 Olympic experience at the London Games where she tied for second place with a combined win-loss record of 17-6.

National foil champion Ruth White donated her engagement photo with fellow fencer and husband Freddie Hooker.

Ed Richards’ scrapbooks reside at the Museum…we thank Hall of Famers Ed and Carla-Mae for all of these binders filled with over 30 years’ worth of memories. Additionally, Ed donated his taped  recollection of his 2 National Foil title victories and we appreciate his continued mailings from the winged Foot Magazine (NYAC).

Carla-Mae Richards donated 2 original Amateur Fencers League of America banners in the classic gold and blue.

Charles Simonian, former Ohio State Coach, has donated original G. C. Calnan photos he acquired from Mrs. Calnan

Iris Zimmermann’s 2000 Olympic uniform  lives in Shreveport.

Hall of Famer Michel Alaux (the great NY Fencers’ Club Coach) master’s jacket and Olympic warm-up were donated by his daughters, Patricia Arakawa of Nantucket and Myriam Alaux of Portland, Oregon.

 Three-time Academy Award winner Edward Carfagno’s uniform is on display. Mr. Carfagno was a member of the  Theoretical 1940 US Olympic Team.

 Hall of Famer and 1936 Olympian Joanna deTuscan’s outfits are part of the Museum.

 Andrea Buchanan Heiss has donated her father’s uniform and weapons to the Shreveport , Louisiana Museum.  Gustave Heiss was a 6-time US Epee Champion inducted into the US Fencing Hall of Fame in 2006.

 Mike Tiffany of Los Angeles generously donated Falcon Studios photographs from the 1930’s and the 1940’s which he purchased while inspecting asbestos from the old Falcon Studios building on Hollywood Boulevard.

 1949 U.S. National Champion Polly Craus donated photos of Ralph Faulkner and his teammates from Falcon Studios, Hollywood.

1932 Olympic Foil Silver Medalist Joe Levis donated a photographic portrait of himself shot and  signed by legendary fencing Olympian Nick Muray.

Leonardo Terrone, the first coach of the University of Pennsylvania was the founder of the Fencer’s Club of Philadelphia. All students fenced with both hands using ambidextrous weapons made in Italy. Herb Shore has donated these weapons to the museum, as well as a book on the history of this historic Philadelphia club.

 George William Postgate was the 1908 US Saber Champion and then coached the Pittsburgh Athletic Club. His daughter, Esther Tarn of Culver City, California, donated his cup from Pittsburgh and some photos.

Edward Nunes, son of the great Leo Nunes, (22 individual US national titles) donated Leo’s photos and articles as well as a signed photo of Nedo Nadi that resides in our museum.

The 1931 Metropolitan division saber trophy is a Viennese bronze that we purchased from the Hayter Gallery in San Francisco, who, in turn, had bought it from the estate of Norman Armitage’s widow, the former Constance Antonsen.

 Olympian Harold Marvin Rayner won a military fencing competition in Paris just prior to The Paris 1924 Olympic games. This silver plate engraved cup resides at our museum.

Charles Bothner, the only fencer in US history to win all 3 weapons in the same year,(1897) won the US bronze medal in saber in the inaugural year of the AFLA nationals in 1892. This was donated by George Masin.

George also donated a medal from the AFLA Nationals in 1912 at the first women’s foil finals, and donated antique fencing postcards to our museum.

The Michigan Division plaque showing their early team champions (1941-1955) was purchased from Jim Belinky of S. Rockwood, Michigan.  It is a beautiful work of mahogany, bronze and copper that was engraved and signed by August von Munchhausen in 1938. Mr. von Munchhausen was a world-famous artist and member of the Fencers’ Club. We are proud to display this piece.

 Dan DeChaine has donated his 1988 Seoul Olympic Games Warm-Up to the museum.

1932 Olympian Colonel Richard Steere’s family has donated a few of his trophies from Washington, D.C.

Hall of famer Abe Cohen has donated his collection of American fencing magazines to the museum.

Olympic bronze medalist Albie Axelrod donated one of his national gold medals to the museum.

15 time U.S. Champion and 6th president of the AFLA, Johnny Huffman was one of America’s greatest. 7 of his national gold medals are displayed here. (Purchased from an antique dealer in Washington).

Hugh Alessandroni, designer of the 1936 Olympic electric scoring device, and 1932 Olympic bronze medalist, is prominently displayed in our museum. His uniform and weapons and complete scrapbooks live at our museum thanks to the generosity of his wife, Ann van Dugteren.

Early Hall of Fame certificates from John Allaire, Nick Muray, and Csaba Elthes adorn our walls. We thank Buzz Hurst of the U.S.F.C.A. for this donation.

Ed Vebell, (1952 Olympian) has donated many of his original photos to the museum, as well as a collection of historical photos from Bart Broderick.

Chauncey Ryder McPherson’s family in Connecticut donated a wonderful collection of photos. They have our thanks.

We thank the Platt family of Shreveport who donated fencing stamps.

1952 Olympic Finalist Maxine Mitchell donated some photos and her signed rules book.

Norman Armitage’s widow, Constance Antonsen donated some photos and articles of her 7-time Olympian husband, Norman Armitage.

 Thanks to Winthrop Aldrich III (Fish family biographer) and Hamilton Fish of Garrison, NY who led me to the following relatives of Hall of Famer Mrs. Stuyvesant Fish:  Diana Fish of Carmel, California; Jonathan Fish of San Diego; Jude Sterling of Santa Rosa, California; Janet Fish of Soho in New York City.

 We thank 2-time undefeated National Foil Champion Silvio Giolito for donating 6 photos.

 A photo of Hall of Famer Mathilde Jagemann, 1888, was donated by Reinholt Longenbach.

 1958 World Championship finalist Robert Blum and his saber champion son, Steve for news articles from the family’s past.

 Original framed photos of the (Swiss – born) 1930 US national epee champion MARCEL PASCHE were donated by his widow, Margaret Pasche of Massachusetts and his daughter Marie Retherford of California.