About the Museum



The concept of the Museum of American Fencing came to Andy Shaw, the United States Fencing Association Official Historian, when he realized a need for perpetuating the memory of our country’s most honored fencers.  As he managed the Westside Fencing Center in Los Angeles back in 1989, Andy found that the history of this great sport was virtually unknown to its current athletes.

Connecting with retired champions or their surviving family members, he began to collect donations of fencing equipment, uniforms, and memorabilia in an effort to keep the memories of the sport and its competitors’ achievements alive.

The museum was officially named in 2005, and is located in Shreveport, Louisiana in an historic 3,600 square foot building. It shares its space with Fairfield Fencing, allowing today’s students to see and appreciate the impressive history and longevity of the sport they are mastering. In 2015, the museum was awarded its tax-exempt status.



Our Needs

fencing-brochure-05While the museum has received as gifts many of the artifacts on display, Andy is regularly researching and securing more items to purchase for the ongoing collection. Over the years, the operation of and additions to this collection have been absorbed by Andy personally out of his passion to perpetuate these memories. The average yearly expenditures total just under $30,000.  Your generous donation will allow him the ability to continue his quest for future generations to appreciate and enjoy the collection.


How You Can Help

We need your help to keep the museum growing and going. Your kindhearted contribution is tax-deductible and you will assist us in preserving the rich history of fencing and all its champions.


Our Mission

The Museum of American Fencing was organized to preserve, protect, and promote the noble sport of fencing and its history by seeking and collecting those items which reflect the lives and accomplishments of its champions.



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