Costin, Daniel

Daniel Costin coached champions such as Teddy Levitt, Jason Rogers, Tom Berman

 Daniel Costin with U-19 saber champion 1999 Teddy Levitt


Daniel Costin with his 2 saber students (Jason Rogers and Tom Berman) at the 1995 Junior Olympics.  Jason started fencing at Westside Fencing Center with Misha Itkin in foil but decided to quit fencing after 10 lessons.  Westside’s manager, Andy Shaw, convinced Jason’s mom Kathleen to just try one more lesson in a different weapon with a different coach.  That coach was Daniel Costin.  Jason later attended Ohio State University with Vladimir Nazlimov and Jason went on to win the Olympic Silver Medal for the US with the US Men’s Saber Team in Beijing.  Tom Berman went on to fence with the Harvard-Westlake team with Ted Katzoff and later attended Columbia University.